Terms and Conditions

Argentum Terms and Conditions


Argentum FZ LLC provides professional attestation services including the administration of document legalisation and processing of visas. For information about how we collect and store your data, please visit https://www.argentum-llc.com/privacy-policy/.

NB The terms and conditions refer to Argentum FZ LLC (AFZ) and Argentum Document and Data Services LLC (ALLC).


All quotations are valid for 30 days. 


Argentum FZ LLC will only accept orders where it believes that the purpose for which the service has been requested is both bona-fide and legal. If we deem your order not to be for legitimate purposes, we retain the right to cancel and refund your order without notice. 


Processing time for legalisation services and visas quoted by Argentum FZ LLC are approximate based upon information provided by Embassies, Consulates and other government departments worldwide under normal circumstances and are deemed reliable in most cases but are not guaranteed. Processing time indicates the time between receipt of your document(s) and availability for dispatch. It does not include any time required to ship document(s) between you and Argentum FZ LLC. Argentum FZ LLC will not be held responsible for any delays, cancellations, financial and other losses due to refusal of service or delay in processing by an Embassy, Consulate or government department. No service fees, embassy fees, courier fees or any proportion thereof will be refunded due to delays or denial of service. 

It’s essential to note, and we’d like to emphasize this as a disclaimer, that in regions experiencing internal political conflicts, there could be significant delays caused by government ministries closing or going on strike. In such situations, our ability to provide services will be subject to real-time assessment and advice, and we’ll communicate any potential limitations accordingly.


The fees for the provision of the services identified within this quotation are based upon information available at the time of writing. Consular and other government fees, and the availability of services are subject to change without notice. Where possible, Argentum FZ LLC will endeavour to make you aware of any changes to fees relating to your order before they are incurred. In such circumstances, Argentum FZ LLC will require these additional fees to be paid prior to completion of the service. All fees paid to an Embassy, Consulate or other government department on your behalf are non-refundable. If you cancel your order at any time during the provision of the service, Argentum FZ LLC reserves the right to retain a fee of 250AED per document plus costs incurred up to the point at which the cancellation request has been received. We use a secure courier service to move your documents around therefore if your document delivery is heavier than 500g, or you send it to us in an oversized or unusually shaped container, there may be additional charges incurred by you. We will inform you of any additional costs once the document has been received by us or our colleagues overseas. These costs must be paid in advance to ensure prompt processing of your document(s). Please note that on occasion our online ordering system may inadvertently provide incorrect pricing due to IT issues. In these circumstances we will advise you of any difference in the order price prior to undertaking any work or incurring any costs on your behalf; any additional payment due from you would be due before we would be able to commence the order and if we have overcharged we will of course make the appropriate refund.


Our sole terms of business exist as pre-payment predominantly by online payment being made at the point of the order via Stripe. The payment will appear on your credit card statement as ‘ARGENTUM’. Your payment is transacted not on the site of but on the Stripe website in all circumstances. Other forms of acceptable payment are Cash, Cheque or direct bank (BACS) transfer, in advance in all circumstances. 


You are responsible for checking that the service requested is suitable for your needs. Argentum FZ LLC does not provide legal advice relating to matters of legalisation, migration or international travel. 


You are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions when you place an order with Argentum FZ LLC by post, e-mail, phone or online. Any questions call our expert advisors on +971 (0)4 241 0222 (in the UAE) or +44 (0)20 7824 5178/79 (in UK)  


Argentum FZ LLC has no control over the rules and regulations set by any government department, Embassy or Consulate. Where we are advised, we will always make you aware of changes in policy or rules that affect the provision of our service to you. Visa-issuing authorities will make the final determination as to the type of visa they will issue, how quickly it will be issued and for what duration it will be issued. Prior to approval, the issuing authority may request additional documentation and/or information. The issuing authority may reject your visa application without notice or reason. As a result, non-refundable tickets or travel reservations should not be purchased until all the required travel documents for your trip have been secured. Argentum FZ LLC will not be responsible for, nor accept any liability, for the actions of any Embassy, Consulate or other government department in delaying or not agreeing to complete legalisation or visa applications for any reason whatsoever; nor will Argentum FZ LLC be held responsible for any expense and/or delay arising from or in connection with incomplete or inaccurate documentation or incorrect information provided at the time of your request. Argentum FZ LLC will also not be responsible for delays incurred whilst we await further instructions from you as a result of any email queries that may arise during the service process. Argentum FZ LLC will not be responsible for any delays to, or loss of, documents sent by a courier company or Royal Mail (in the case of UK deliveries) when returning your completed order. In the event of a delay or loss of shipment, Argentum FZ LLC will endeavour to trace and recover any such items. Should a replacement become necessary, you would be responsible for the full replacement cost of any items, along with any associated costs to carry out the service again, unless otherwise notified in writing by a representative of Argentum FZ LLC. This does not apply to any delivery services that form part of our legalisation or visa services. 


In the UK, if you are a Consumer, you may have a legal right to generally cancel an order or contract under the Consumer Contracts Regulations during the cooling-off period of 14 working days. This means that during the relevant period if a Consumer changes his/her mind or for any other reason they decide they do not want to proceed with an order, he/she can notify the supplier of that decision to cancel the order and receive a refund. A consumer can use any written notification of cancellation to Argentum FZ LLC. 

However, because of the urgent nature of the orders placed with Argentum FZ LLC, and to leave a margin of safety to avoid potentially major consequences in the event of delays, Argentum FZ LLC starts to render the services on approval of payment and/or receipt of the full documentation, which may be before the expiry of the statutory cooling off period. The Consumer expressly authorises and accepts this. Therefore, the Consumer may not receive the benefit of the full cooling off period for orders placed with Argentum FZ LLC and may be liable for part or all of the fees for services provided by Argentum FZ LLC prior to receiving the Consumer’s cancellation notice. Moreover, legalisation of documents and the issuance of visas are items prepared to the Consumer’s own specifications and as such the cooling off period and right of cancellation may not apply. 

If the consumer requires an order to be cancelled a request needs to be submitted to info@argentum-llc.com after which an assessment will be made as to the possibility of cancelling the order as requested. If cancellation is possible Argentum FZ LLC reserves the right to retain a fee of up to 500aed per document plus costs incurred up to the point at which the cancellation request has been received.


You have one month after completion of work by Argentum FZ LLC from the date of delivery of the service or initial order to inform Argentum FZ LLC of any claim related to our services. Once this deadline has passed, any rights for rectification or compensation shall expire.