If you’ve ever been asked to get your documents attested to start a new life abroad, improve your position as an expat, or start a family then you’ll understand the bewilderment and confusion it can cause.

So many questions running through your head. What’s attestation? Where do I get that done? How much?! Will it be accepted if I try to do it myself?

And as the stress is rising your new employer/boss/spouse is chasing you for the attested documents… meanwhile you’re desperately scrabbling around on the internet to understand exactly what documents you need and what to do with them.

Argentum was born from a desire to alleviate some of the pain and stress of moving abroad.

In 2008 our Founder was asked by a friend if he could help with some documents being attested in the UK for use in the UAE. Once that first attestation was complete more and more people had the same request…a business was formed, originally based in the UK, and after a couple of years Argentum was founded and established in the UAE in 2011.

Since then, our ability to facilitate document attestation has grown and we now cover pretty much every corner of the world. That means we’ve helped thousands of people attest their documents, first time, every time, on time.

Our global reach, expert team and ingrained desire to help means that our clients leave us smiling, headache free and ready to focus on their new lives abroad.

We now assist major corporate clients, small businesses and individuals alike; focusing on the highest level of customer service no matter who you are and how big or small your requirements may be.

If that sounds like you then have a look around our website and let us know how we can help.

Meet our expert team

Jessica Munden​

Head of Operations​

Bilal Akhtar

Head of Government Relations

Umar Farooq

Senior Public Relation Officer

Isabella Macsorley

Senior Attestation Officer

Rose Martinez

Attestation Supervisor

Sruthy Thankachan

Attestation Officer

Sarra Dasouli

Marketing Executive

Luqman Khan

IT Expert